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Review: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

How fitting that my first book review of this year is another story, and on Valentine’s day. Hahaha. This time around, I challenged myself to read another Bronte. You can’t really compare the Brontes with each because they have different styles in both their narrative and prose. That’s not to say that both literature < yes, I am talking about the soul-sucking Wuthering Heights> had some elements of mystery and foreboding intertwined with its love story.

So let’s do this shit.

I could not unlove him now, merely because I found that he had ceased to notice me.

Title/Author: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Date Started/Finished: Jan 2017-Feb 4 2017

Genre: Classic Literature

Format: Soft Leatherbound

Pages: 459


Jane Eyre was an orphan who grew up unloved in an abusive home and under the care of her enstranged aunt. Because of some rebellious circumstances, she is then sent to a school for orphans. The initial owner was austere and orthodox in character, alienated Jane from the other students because of her feisty and independent attitude. She strikes an unusual friendship with a girl named Helen Burns. Her disposition in the institution became better with the changing of the owner, and she became a well-educated young woman. Knowing that there is more to see beyond the life in the institution, she applies to be a governess of a certain ward at Thornfield Hall. There she meets the eccentric and mysterious Mr. Rochester, unfolding a story of love and self discovery.

What I think about it?

Where do I even begin?

Well, for a start, I can now understand why this books received so much love and respect that spanned centuries. With a bit of research, we know that Jane Eyre was published in an era wherein women’s voices were stifled and repressed due to patriarchical ideologies persistent in their time. Such ground-breaking feat solidified Jane Eyre as classic feminist literature. Personally I initially felt intimated reading it being a Bronte and all. However, the writing was so engaging that I managed to go through it with commitment and dedication. Jane as a character and her growth into becoming a woman of her time was riveting. Although described as plain and regular, she is both built by fire and life. Her character exudes independence and intelligence. As readers we could see ourselves in her. She had to go through hardships in order to stand confidently in front of the man she loves.

It took me a month to finish the book because it was quite a slow read, a slow burn narrative with detailed and extensive dialogue. I think for the most part the romance between her and Mr. Rochester was definitely baffling for me. It became a tale of beauty taming the arrogant beast. Only the beast is just bordering on being that “clingy boyfriend”. LOL. He is just a weird bloke. I swear I laughed at most of his dialogue because he just says the creepiest things. He is definitely a distorted version of a non-ideal mold of a love interest.

One winning feature of Janet and Mr.Rochester’s love story was Jane’s eventual decision to  stay with him. Her admittance that she couldn’t spend one moment away from her love moved me. In conclusion, I now understood why the book was deemed to be ahead of its time and why it was so popular in their period. It was a book that spoke to your soul, a book of self discovery and acceptance despite adverse circumstances.



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