Wrap Ups

Wait, What?! February to April Wrap Up

So today’s and yesterday’s Facebook feed is in an uproar, a political one to be exactly that it is STRESSING ME OUT. Thus, I decided to blog about my Feb to April Wrap Up just to take the stress out.

I know guys, I was absent for three months, life got in the way. Literally. I read a total of four books, way behind my Goodreads Reading Goals, but what can I do? Two of these books I read as audiobooks and the other two as a physical paperback copy. In fairness, my reading choices for the past three months are pretty diverse. So let’s get into it! 😀

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


I was not prepared for the cryfest/cutefest of this book. I mean, yeah I was prepared a little bit, but dang, this book got the FEELS out of me. This book has been circling around the book community and a lot of people recommend it because of how good the story is. And it is, believe me. I think listening to it as audiobook gave the characters more depth and emotional relevance to the audience. I did help that it was narrated by various voice talents who sounds to much like Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin who will play Lu and Will respectively. Although the book is essentially a love story, it does deal with other heavy themes such as the morality behind physician-assisted suicide. This book made me particularly think about the psychology of patients like Will in the book, wherein the disability they have lead them to a conclusion that, one can choose to die as they see fit just as one can choose to live their life as they see fit.At some point, I was mad at his character for the choices he made, for what he made Lu do. However, after some pondering, I understand where he is coming from and his motivations as a character. I do suggest reading the book first before seeing the film. Although from the looks of the trailer, I hope you got some more tissues lying around.

The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell


 This book, for the lack of a better word, is different. Different for me, because I seldom read weirdly plotted story lines, which David Mitchell is famous for. David Mitchell, is the author of the critically acclaimed book, Cloud Atlas. He writes in  multiple perspectives of different characters set in different timelines. These lives may seem separate at first and unrelated to each other, but you could see the loose threads that interconnects them, weaving together a rather complex yet truly compelling story line. Holly Sykes is a character that is both flawed and magnetic to the reader. You see her growth as an individual throughout the years as she is thrown into the middle of bizarre war for humanity’s soul that has been raging on for millions of years. You could say that this book is part magic realism, part social commentary, part biography. I think it took me a week after reading it to truly process the events I’ve just read. Until now the last part of the story, the depiction of the future by the author in the perspective of Holly, still resonates within me. I think I should have read a little of Mr. Mitchell’s book to get some Easter eggs he laid down in the Bone clocks. But nah, I think this book is essentially great by it’s own right.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer



 This book is the first installment of the Lunar Chronicles, which is a retelling of our beloved fairy tales. It’s another series that I am reading besides the Throne of Glass series. I have to say it was really an enjoyable read. I like how the author stylized the story into a futuristic take of different characters we are so familiar about. The characters and the world building aren’t really flawless, their are some glitches to how the future might believably be portrayed. But as I’ve said this is just the first book, and the author introduces the characters and the world really well, setting out a fast paced plot lines that have quite full of twists for those involved. Will definitely read on the series, since I already hauled the other 3 books. (I know I have a book-buying problem. LOL)

You by Caroline Kepnes


Excuse me for my language, but this book is seriously FUCKED UP, in an entertaining kind of way. Hahaha. This one tells the story of a man named Joe, as he stalks a girl named Beck around New York City. He then tailors himself into becoming the man of Beck’s dreams, eliminating anyone that gets in the way. It’s told in a second person point of view, he refers to Beck as “you”, which you sometimes feel that he creepily refers to you, you. <semantics. LOL>. I can’t even begin to describe how on point Joe’s social commentary on the “millenial generation” and how he’s going is on about how we have become a pile of shitheads as a generation. I find myself agreeing to his point of views even if its totally construed and psychotic to think about it. Because that’s basically how psychopaths lure their victims. LOL. This was so good to listen to as an audiobook since Santino Fontana who voiced “Hans” in the Disney film “Frozen” was the narrator. I recommend this book to those who like psychological thrillers and a romantic at heart. However this is NOT a love story, I can warn you about that. 😀

I think even though I read so few books this past three months, my reading experience has been remarkable. So no regrets in that. I do hope I get more reading this next few weeks just to release some stress. You can click the links of each title to get the Goodreads synopsis of each book. I hope you have a great month!




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