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January Wrap Up and February TBR List

Hello wonderful people! How was the start of your 2016? Mine was hot. Hot, in the sense that you could just fry a couple of eggs on the road and it would just cook on its own. Probably. But I am just exaggerating. It is definitely the angriest sun I have ever encountered for the past few years.

So enough of the weather reports! January has been altogether good to me and my reading habits. I finished four books, all equally good and exciting. My Goodreads challege claims that I am on the right track as I plan to read one book per week. I guess I’m off to a good start.

January Wrap Up


  1. Intensity by Dean Koontz– Kicking off my 2016 with some good old thriller-suspense novel by Dean Koontz. It’s actually my first time encountering this author and I hard a good review on this book from a booktuber that I like, so when I saw this beat-up copy on a BookSale shelf (which by the way is my favorite store of second-hand books), I immediately bought it. The book’s premise is interesting. It’s not often you encounter an author that decisively paints a picture through the victim’s eyes and to also make you feel what’s it like to live inside a psycopath’s mind. It’s riveting, intense (the word is repeated in the book again and again, like some chant the serial killer does, really disturbing), creepy in a good way. My only gripe is the pace though. A lot of the story lingers on the philosophy and backgrounds of the main characters and sometimes it causes a drag in the storytelling. But I guess you would expect that because the author attempts to humanize the perspective of villain as much as that of the hero. Although,the villain is straight up bonkers in the head. I swear he is, he is just black. BLACK. I did enjoy this book more than I expected.
  2. The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson– I already did a review on the trilogy. This was an interesting read for me because I read it in the physical form as well as listened to it on the audio form, which was my first venture in audible books. It was really fun to listen to its narration. If I where to choose what would be my favorite book in this series, I’d say this one would be it. It’s indeeed an EPIC end to the series. Sanderson did an awesome job and I look forward to reading more from his spin-offs.
  3. The Martian by Andy Weir– remember when I decided that I wanted to read more of science fiction? Well, I started out the year by reading this one, of which it’s film adaptation starring Matt Damon is nominated for an Oscar. This book was not easy to read since I sometimes struggled to relate to its science, however it isn’t intimidating to get into because it is explained in a layman’s way. Everyone can relate to Mark Watney’s journey, you root for this guy to succeed because somehow, if he also succeeds at the end, you know that life is worth living for. This book makes me want to just submit my CV to NASA and apply to become a doctor in space. hahaha.
  4. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas (Book #2 Throne of Glass series)– I was suppose to read Paprika but then this book has been sitting for a couple of months on my shelf and now I felt the need to go back in the fantasy genre. So I began reading it and managed to finish it in 3 days. It’s a great improvement from the first one. We get to see the heroine be an actual assassin rather you know, be just a tribute.. oh sorry champion (haha wrong book). The romance angle has also greatly improved, it was short but sweet. I think the author took note from George R.R. Martin’s killing-your-favorite-character by also killing-off-favorite-ship. The twists are kind of predictable, sometimes the narrative feels like it isn’t high fantasy because the dialogue feels like you know real-people-dialogue. Like for instance, curses are uttered in an urban version: “shit” and “ass” and “horsehit” are often used. It’s off putting. I mean if you are gonna write an epic fantasy YA book, why not just go straight up fantasy dialogue and make-up you’re own epic fantasy curses. Seriously, I even waited for “f*ck” to turn up in the dialogue. However I did enjoy reading the book and look forward to read further in the series.

February TBR


  1. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte– So I chose this one to make good on my resolution to start reading more classics. I’ve already finished the book, and uhmmmm…. it left me with.. with.. with.. nothing. They say this one is a tragic romance story, I say this one is off the whack. I mean, every character in this story is either borderline bipolar or just antisocial. I don’t even want to know if I want to make a review for this book. It’s just so damn depressing. Anyway if you want happy thoughts after reading this sad piece of black hole, a certain booktuber name Bazpierce did a hilarious review of this particular classic.
  2. Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas ( Book #3 of Throne of Glass Series)– I am currently reading it now. So far the story is progressing at a steady pace
  3. Paprika by Yasutaka Tsutsui– Because I felt guilty I did not read it last month. LOL
  4. Night Circus by Erin Morgensten– because it is a love story and I want to read at least one romance novel for the month of love.


And so that’s it!  What are you planning to read? Share you TBR reads this month!

Bye! 🙂



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