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Review: Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson


“Belief isn’t simply a thing of fair times and bright days. What is belief, what is FAITH if you don’t continue in it after failure”- Mistborn: The Final Empire

Last week was tough on the book/movie and music world. David Bowie passed away. Alan Rickman, famously known for his portrayal of the best character I’ve ever read: Severus Snape of the Harry Potter series also bid farewell from this mortal world. However the legacy they leave behind lives forever in our hearts. And I guess, that’s important most of all.

And so legacy of faith and belief is the very heart of the trilogy that I will be reviewing today.

“Welcome,..” Ruin said “ Godhood.”


Synopsis: The Mistborn Trilogy is a series written by Brandon Sanderson originally published in 2006. It is a high epic fantasy that involves a world governed by a God like tyrant called the Lord Ruler, who enslaves humanity and giving selective freedom to the nobility. In this world, we are introduced to the magic system of Allomancy. Allomancy is the unique ability of a person, called an Allomancer, to be able to ingest and burn a certain type of metal therefore manifesting a specific type of power. For instance, burning Tin would enhance ones senses (eyesight, hearing, touch, etc), burning Pewter, would give you physical enhancements, such as speed and extraordinary strength, and so on. In this world one is either a Misting (with only one ability to burn one metal) or a Mistborn (able to burn all the 16 metals, as revealed later on the series). And so throughout the book we a introduced to an unlikely band of heroes. They are a group of thieves led by Kelsier who is a Mistborn and his unlikely student, a street urchin named Vin, who discovers she is also a Mistborn. They device plan to overthrow the Lord Ruler and free humanity from his thousand years of tyranny and oppression. Later on the series, specifically the second and third book, we discover the consequence of their actions by killing the tyrant, leading up the a more high stake battle between the light and the darkness.

What I think about it: Good question, haha. Because I am actually out of words to praise for this series. I mean I’ve read Brandon Sanderson’s Reckoners series and totally loved it. But this one, I’ve never really encountered a high epic fantasy written like this ever before. I have the Booktube Community to thank for that (Yay for Booktube!), if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have picked up this series in the first place.

So what did I like? Well I think the highlight of this series is the Magic System. Sanderson, did so well in explaining and establishing the rules of Allomancy. He also introduced the other contemporaries of Allomancy which included Feruchemy and Hemalurgy. This magic systems are what made this book such as great story to read. Because, I think for the most part, to be able to understand the magic systems first in detail enhances the reading experience and leads you to understand characters motivations and moral themes in the book. I believe that Sanderson was greatly influence by Robert Jordan’s work on the Wheel of Times Series which has also tons and tons of magic systems And I can see that inspiration in his writing which makes me so happy.

Sanderson is also a great world-builder, he is detailed in fleshing out the comings and goings, the history, the religions, the myths, and the legends of the Final Empire. Because of this we are not only transported into another magical location but w, get to meet and love such deep and complex characters. Oh my, the characters in this series are very well written. I know it’s a cliche to say it, but you aren’t left hanging on each of the character’s motivations, you slowly understand why they had to do what they did. Sanderson believes that no character is perfect, that to be flawed exhibits true humanistic basic traits. We do get our fair share of a love story here, and thank God we didn’t linger too much on the love triangle because that’s just too much. But I’m glad that at the core of this story is the friendship, love and faith developed between the members of Kelsier’s crew. Kelsier is by far one the best characters I’ve ever met, well, next to Vin that is. He is witty, hilarious, brave, rebellious, and hopeful. Kelsier is LIFE. He was the glue that held the group together in the first few parts of the series, until Vin and Elend took up the torch after him.

The writing of the battle scenes are also pretty epic. It does seem like it is written like a script for a film (hope so? hehe). These segments are full of intense and high octane scenes that peaks at a crescendo and just leaves at you at the end; winded and holding for breath. It’s quite amazing. Now some other reviewers said that the dialogue of this series is straight up normal talk which is somehow not appropriate for a high epic fantasy genre. I’ve read the Wheel of Time series, and it’s dialogue is more fantasy that fantasy itself, even their curses are unique to that world. But comparing it to the Mistborn series, the dialogue in this series seems a bit basic. But you know what, I’m okay with it. Its actually refreshing for me for Sanderson to choose to write it in basic dialogue, so that story can speak for itself. And that’s fine, and I think he is an awesome person for doing that.

Final question, would I recommend the series? HELL, YEAH! Go read it, well if you have time and if 700++ pages of epic glorious fantasy is your cup of tea. Honestly, it amazes me how Sanderson just comes up with these kinds of worlds. I mean does he have a database of magic systems? Is he a reincarnation of Doctor Who? Is he even Human? Just kidding Mr Sanderson. We love your books. Yes we do.

PS: I got bored today and printed out some free bookmarks I got from Pinterest.. Starwars and Owls.. Such a great combination.


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