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My Book Depository Experience

Since starting out this blog after being influenced and encouraged by watching several booktubers in youtube, I’ve felt that I needed to broaden my reading horizons and go out of my comfort zone in terms of my reading preference. That also means trying out different kinds of bookstores: local and online in getting the titles that I am interested about. Thus I am writing on my very first experience with the very first online bookstore that I tried:

The Book Depository is an online book store, largely based in UK. I first heard it from my bestfriend when I asked her for any recommendations on an online bookstore that sells some titles that I needed. So I researched profusely about the site, and concluded that this site is legit. I even went all the way to watch booktubers who do recommend the website. So last December I finally decided to buy a book from the online store.

The website itself is easy to navigate and I was figuratively salivating to see that they had beautiful UK editions of the titles that I really liked.  However, I did settle to just buy one hardcover: Uprooted by Naomi Novik since I just wanted to do a test drive on their FREE SHIPPING worldwide service. Which is all kinds of awesome, I say.

bookdepo site

So basically this is how it went last year

December 6, 2015: Purchased the book and paid with credit card. Yes,  NO charging of tax or shipping fee, just the exact price of the book.(They have also other payment options which you can see on their site.) I immediately received an email confirming my purchase and that my order will be dispatched within 2-3days.

December 8: I received an email telling me my order was dispatched. They told me it would arrived 7-10 business days. So basically my book would IDEALLY arrived on the 3rd week of December.

Now this is the tricky part. After the order has been dispatched you can’t really track it. Bad for people who have low tolerance for the waiting, and good for those who are just cool with just hoping that their package would arrive safe and sound. I am quite in between though; since I sometimes lose my shit when I don’t received my package as expected. But I’ve learned patience due to the crappy thing we call the Philippine postal system. And since it was the holidays, and I lived in the southern part of my country (Davao Ciy) I just tried to be optimistic about it.

January 4, 2016: It’s 27 days post dispatched, package hasn’t arrived yet. I emailed them about predicament, and told me that they would just send another copy of the book and apologized for the problem… But.. uhmm… I just… okay.. I did ask them what happens if the book DID arrive but they already sent out another copy. They said to just keep it as a compliment. So I guess. That’s okay?

January 7, 2016: I finally received my book. My mom kind of whacked me with it since it arrived while I was asleep. Pretty funny sight if you ask me. LOL

okay, this is funny. We love you Alan ^_^
The book was package in this material. I’d say that this piece of cardboard didn’t completely protect the book from a bit of damage

The book did have some minor dent on the spine and some smudges at the back of the dust jacket, all of which I can deal with. What was important is that it did arrived which was a huge relief.

Over all, my experience with the Book Depository was really good. The website was easy to navigate and they had a vast selection of books in UK editions, they have a secure way of payment, the costumer service was fast and reliable and the delivery was free of charge. However, there was no way to track your package while it is in transit which was quite a bummer.

Will I try the website again? Yes, I will. I’ve still got some titles in my wish list that I want to order in the future. I just have to be more patient about the freaking slow paced postal system and hope for the best.

Word, Yoda. Word.






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