Of Reading Books and Resolutions

I should really think of better puns for my blog titles. Really, it’s boring as shit. Haha.

Anyway! Happy new year everyone! As everyone has predicted, Jan 1 has been an onslaught of posts in social media regarding resolutions and vows of personality change. It’s as if making resolutions on that day could guarantee you of any accelerated personal growth that you couldn’t achieve in your 27 years of existence.

But I am rambling. I won’t be making any drastic resolutions this year like lose weight, because that shit I’ve tried and failed miserably, or finally get into a functional romantic relationship < insert rolling eyeballs and lopsided smirk>. Haha. No, I’m going to make some resolutions that I can understandably achieve, like keeping this blog alive monthly and NOT screw it up, and read a wider range of book genres

So here we go!

Resolution #1: Read more Science fiction Books– I think the closest thing I’ve read to a science fiction book is The Reckoners Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson and Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress, other than that my science fiction reading arsenal is dismal. So this year I’m going to challenge myself to read some voluminous science fiction reads because I feel like I unconsciously shy away from this genre due to its daunting terminologies. But here is the thing, if I can devour some weird Allomantic terminologies in the Mistborn series I’m sure I can dig into those wonderful out of this world intergalactic puns and terminologies, so what’s the fuss. < what??>

Resolution #2: Read Classics. Just try. To. Read. Classics.– Honestly, I am terrified of classics. They make me feel dumb and uncultured. They are so refined and intimidating; it’s like talking to really good-looking and smart, cultured people with profound understanding of the world. It just makes your brain turn in to goo, hapless non-formed, jelly-like goo. I’ve read a few though, but all are Dostoevsky’s works. I am now trying to read Wuthering Heights, still in chapter 3, it was exhausting. It will probably take me a year to finish it. I’ve heard and know it’s a depressing read. So what a way to start the year! @_@. But I will try to read and love classics, I will make it a point to read the Austens, the Brontes, the Dickens, the Steinbecks and etc.

Resolution #4: Read more Historical Fiction– I love history, I do. But unfortunately I have not become accustomed to stretching my reading horizons into historical fiction. This year though, I would like to read more from this genre because there is nothing more enduring than a retelling of the past.

Resolution #5: Go back to reading Crime/Suspense Fiction:  Believe it or not, It wasn’t the Harry Potter series that got me into reading. Well it was partially responsible, but when I was 13 years old, my English teacher lent me a beat-up copy of If tomorrow comes by Sidney Sheldon. It was, what you could call my awakening to the expansive world of crime and suspense fiction. It was a really good book and I wanted to read more from that genre. But then I discovered the Harry Potter series and YA so I sometimes got sidetrack over the years on reading some really go crime/suspense fiction. So basically, I am just going back to my first love, and saying hello to an old friend.

Resolution #6: Read more Graphic Novels:  Foreign Graphic Novels are really expensive in our country. But still I am going to make an effort to acquire one every now and then.

Resolution #7: Read more works from Filipino Authors: To support the writers of our country, it’s as simple as that. There are some good Filipino fiction writers out there that I haven’t even discovered, its freaking crazy I haven’t read most of them yet.

So seven is a good number! I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I can somehow achieve all of this. It seems daunting but I’m optimistic about it.

How about you? What are your reading resolutions this year? Any good reads that you can recommend?



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