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When Heroes Become Villians

There are some things in life that can’t be avoided.

” The Heroes will come, we might just have to help them along.”

For instance being inconsistent with the usual time frame of putting up a post that you yourself set up. I should just like put that in my advance new year’s resolutions, which by the way I NEVER, for the life of me, follow. LOL. Anyway I have already returned to work, yey! That also means, I will have days that I won’t be posting anything at all. But, I will really do try to post book reviews and musings regularly.

Synopsis: The Reckoners Series is created by the best-selling author Brandon Sanderson. It tells the story of David, who joins an elite underground resistance movement called The Reckoners. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world in which the appearance of a comet has randomly gifted people with superhuman powers, turning them to what they called the “EPICS”. Apparently the use of these inhuman powers results into a change in attitude towards the rest of humanity. Now the Epics enslave the general population to do their bidding. David, who has orphaned by a High Epic named Steelheart, studied Epics for most of his life. He has devised a plan to eliminate the EPIC who took away the only person he loved in his life, his father. He plans to destroy Steelheart.

What I think about it:

I first encountered Brandon Sanderson a couple of years ago, when the news broke out that he was the one who is going to finish the Wheel of Time Series after Robert Jordan’s death. I mean, it’s quite a BIG shoes that he is filling in. So I decided to pick up the first two books of the his latest series that targeted the YA audience. The Reckoners series is his first attempt in the YA/Sci-fi genre, and I must admit, he really did well. The story reminds me a lot of how the show HEROES started out. But this time you get people who becomes corrupted with the frequent use of their superpowers. In short, when you become an EPIC, you will essentially develop psychopath tendencies, and in acting on them, one becomes a power EPIC psychopath. It’s a deep dark world that Sanderson created here, where the Epics has now enslaved the rest of humankind

Besides the unique story line, the EPIC mythology is one of the most fleshed out concept introduced in the series. It isn’t the half-baked mythology that you’d expect some recent YA series would try to shove in your face. The author allows the reader to be absorb in the world of these superpowered people. It explains their origins, why they become what they are, and if there is any potential for change.

The first book, which was set in Newcago (formerly known as Chicago) , deals with David and his quest for revenge against Steelheart. The first book started somewhat slow for me, since it took its time to explain the different categories and workings of being an EPIC. David, the most normal guy with a penchant for corny puns and awkward pick-up lines,  is actually a really fun character. He is decisive, smart, compassionate but also brutally determined to destroy the one man everyone deemed indestructible. The book then picked up and rendered some dark twists in a Sanderson fashion at the very end. I think the ending of the first book was a glorious display of action pack scenes that made you want more.

And then it was more and then some more that we got from the second book, Firefight. This time around David and his crew head to Babilar (the old Manhattan) to confront another high EPIC named Regalia. He begins to uncover eventually the source of the EPICS power and the reason behind Calamity, the event the caused the emergence of Epics. This book develops a romance between characters though, which kind of confused me for a bit. I just wished that Sanderson would stay out of
that romance theme we often see in the YA genre, so that it wouldn’t feel like it was kind of shoe-horned in the story. However, the cheesy teen romance flaw is compensated by a more action packed story-telling and an awesome ending. Sanderson is clearly a master story teller of epic battle and fight scenes, he writing is detailed and cinematic. I know get why he was chosen to finish Jordan’s series. Yes, EPIC that ending was (Yoda-style. hehe), no pun intended. 🙂

I recommend the Reckoners series to readers who loves high-octane story telling, with a well crafted mythology and dark-humored characters. I am looking forward to the next book which is CALAMITY, coming out next year. I hope it does come out on time here in our country. Meanwhile, I will finish the first book of the Mistborn series: The Final Empire, also by Sanderson,  before this week ends.

PS: Mistborn, read it now. Like RIGHT NOW. 🙂


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